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The Acoustic Hour Series is a collection of 60 minute cabaret shows designed for an intimate setting.
Featuring a lead vocalist, piano & guitar, the acoustic hour pays tribute to popular musical artists.
Our shows are perfect to entertain audiences young and old and work in various live music settings and venues.
Contact us to book a show. Would you like a specific artist? We can create a themed show for your event.



Tania Savelli takes inspiration from the Queen of Soul in this 60 minute live music extravaganza. Musically directed by Victor Oria and backed by a 10 piece made up of Adelaide's finest musicians, this show is a must see for any Aretha lover or woman on her soul searching journey.Available with the full 10 piece band or an acoustic version, this cabaret is filled with some of Aretha's most popular songs, as well as some underrated tunes.

Prepare to leave feeling inspired.



Shelley Pantic celebrates the lives and music of our most beloved Australian female artists. Empowering women and men alike, these Australian singers have brought us countless memorable hits over the decades. Let us acknowledge the talent we have right here on Australian soil and pay homage to these inspirational and iconic women!

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